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“Laura’s unique ability to instill discipline, and yet, remain very patient with my progress as a beginning piano student has been very promising in my development. In almost 3 years I have reached a level of reading and piano playing that has surprised my band, my family and many of my friends. The lessons are mentally therapeutic, and they have even helped me relax more in my personal life. I plan on continuing my development with Laura and incorporating keyboard into more creative endeavors like performing live with the band on keys, songwriting and recording.”

–Larry Knox

Piano/Keyboard Instruction

I offer private piano and keyboard instruction for adults and mature children in Classical, Blues, Rock, Pop, Folk, Electronic, Improvisation and more. Students will hone essential skills for the piano while building a repertoire of their choice in a unique and patient atmosphere. Lessons and workbooks can be adapted to accommodate students with diverse goals at varying skill levels and are typically combined with other curriculum offerings such as composition, improvisation and singer-songwriter training.

Good Ear? Bad sight-reader? I know your kind well and you will appreciate my unique approach for people with your background (however be prepared to work)!

CD recitals of your piano repertoire are available on the recording studio on site.


“Alex has been under the tutelage of Laura Kessler for over 3 years now. He has continually progressed in piano through her efforts. Furthermore, it is evident that her lessons have paid off with Alex’s strong knowledge base in music theory and in helping him do extremely well at learning guitar and drums completely on his own. She has definitely helped plant the seeds of a budding musician.”

–D. Cardenas, father of Alex