Executive Communication Coaching


“The work I did with Laura has helped to improve every facet of my business communication and image. She is top notch.”

–M.A., Dept. of Agriculture

“Ms. Kessler was more than an excellent teacher. She became a mentor and friend.”

–V.M., Accountant,
South America
Accent Reduction Client


Professional Speech Coaching for Business Professionals

In the media savvy society in which we live, a polished vocal image is widely considered an essential asset in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Professional speech coaching is ideal for lawyers, executives, politicians, and broadcasters, as well as those in sales, marketing and all public relations professions. Private coaching sessions provide a comfortable one-on-one environment where clients can address unique concerns regarding public speaking, resonance, diction, accent reduction, presentation and media skills, and much more.

By combining my backgrounds in Communications, Public Relations, Music and Theater, clients are exposed to an innovative vocal coaching method that is uniquely tailored to your individual business environment while being both dynamic and fun. Clients will learn to develop a richer and stronger voice by drawing from full use of the diaphragm and a complete dynamic range. By learning to resonate correctly, clients will be able to protect their vocal health and speak louder and for longer durations, with less hoarseness.

Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction Intensives are also available for international clients and those wishing to eliminate regional dialects to present a more confident vocal image.

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